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Four distinct brands. One shared vision.

Welcome to
The House of Rohl


We believe distinctive stories are what make life exceptional. At the House of Rohl, we pursue the discovery of time-honoured craft that tell unique and rewarding stories. Stories of place and provenance. Stories of dedication and passion. Stories of artistry and heritage.

Our Brands

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Luxury design for modern living.

Born in Quebec, Riobel epitomises the city’s blend of European culture and North American flair. Riobel’s brassware is characterised by geometric shapes and unique angles, inspired by modern architectural forms. This brilliantly modern aesthetic is combined with advanced engineering to create innovative products designed to be effortless to use, adding luxury to everyday life.

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Precision, Proportion, Perfection.

Like the finest jewellery, Perrin & Rowe’s English brassware and sanitaryware collections have an exacting sense of proportion and elegance. It shows in the richness of hand-polished finishes, the detail of a tap lever or shower valve, the nuances that not readily apparent to the eye but together create flawless artistry. Perrin & Rowe is never mass-produced. Casting by hand in small batches ensures the highest standard. Every tap is tested for guaranteed performance. The definition of quality.

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Handcrafted for life.

Founded on St Valentine’s Day, 1897 in Darwen, England, Shaws meticulous approach has stood the test of time. Heavy duty fireclay is hard to work with but can produce the most durable of ceramics. Shaws sinks are tougher, with a deeper, more lustrous finish. Each one is made by hand by a single master craftsman, taught by the master craftsmen who came before and signed by its maker. Their passion and pride are evident in the result: a sink that is beautiful, timeless and unique.

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The art of the bath.

Victoria + Albert baths are sculptural forms of sheer beauty. Coveted for their presence, designed for sublime bathing, they transform any space into a luxurious sanctuary. Sloping waves and minimalist angles are expressed in a spectrum of colors and array of designs from classic to modern. Victoria + Albert makes a statement of indulgence for an experience to linger and luxuriate in.

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